In the search of the excellence in the matter of accessibility, Equalitas Vitae has created a Guarantee Title of Accesibility, through which the establishments can be divided in two categories, Adapted or Accessible.
The key of our success is based on the quality, quality in services and quality in the information that is offered. All credited establishments have accessibility indicators that guarantee the effectiviness for users. We understand the quality as an element to maintain so, all the credited establishments are reviewed annually. Carried out once the facilities have been cheked out the renovation or elimination of this symbol of quality is come to.
All the credited buildings have been supervised personally by our consultants to guarantee that the adaptations are useful, practical and offer true and real information.
That an adapted hotel is credited in the matter of Accessibility by Equalitas Vitae offers the hotelkeeper and the user a complete guarantee. We offer a descriptive card of the establishment with the conditions of accessibility pick up which help the hotelkeeper in the sale of its facilities and the user has first hand truthful and guaranteed information. Every credited establishment has an icon that credits it as credit "Adapted" or "Accessible" so that it can be differentiated to the rest and obtain a recognition of guaranteed establishment.
Equalitas Vitae diploma certifying accessibility and adaptability in spanish

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Equalitas Newsletters
I have read and accept the legal info.
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