Accessible tourism, the new APP where you are the protagonist


I long since we came Warning that something good was coming and finally here !!!!!!

We just launched the APP TOURISM ACCESSIBLE BY EQUALITAS, a mobile application where you will find all the information you need to get away and where you can also appreciate the places, give your opinion and even suggest new places to display.

With your help we will ensure that all hotels, museums, restaurants, bars and accessible places, however small, are visible and accessible to all.

APP "ACCESSIBLE TOURISM BY EQUALITAS" want the user to be the protagonist. It is a mobile application designed for people with disabilities find accessible places information in a simple, fast, intuitive and also can rate and share places and assess new ones from appearing.

"Accessible Tourism by Equalitas Vitae" lets the user know, using geolocation systems, which are the closest accessible. So, when we visited cities unknown to us, indicates that we have about that is accessible.

The information is not only of Spain but we are including information daily foreign destinations, so you can now find information Andorra, Belgium and even Argentina.

So far we have launched the application for Android system but will soon be available also in IOS version.

Now it only remains for you the link to download the utiliceis and begin to assess and share new places accessible to all.


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